Friday, April 6, 2012

The GOPs War on Women, Caterpillars, and Lady Business...Oh My!

If you are at all connected with me on social media, you already have seen (5 million times) how I feel about the news this week. The GOP is trying to blame democrats and the media for creating a "false" belief that the republicans are waging a war against women. 

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC really summed it up on her show Thursday night:  
You know, I think there`s just one piece missing from what otherwise is obviously a perfect analogy of women as caterpillars. I think there`s just one thing missing. If Democrats said that Republicans had a war on caterpillars and every mainstream media said we had a war on caterpillars, the Republican Party would not then just automatically have a problem with caterpillars. There is a missing piece of this analogy here, right?
In this analogy, what Reince Priebus is missing is the part where the
Republican Party introduces hundreds of pieces of legislation all over the
country attacking the rights of caterpillars, which in his analogy is in
fact what the Republican Party has been doing.
The Republican Party in this analogy has to be seen as a radically,
what, anti-cocoon party? Anti-caterpillar, pro-cocoon -- sacrifice the
caterpillar, save the cocoon? Metamorphosis? I don`t know.
You can view the whole segment by heading over to her show website (seriously go watch the full thing!).

The whole comparing the war on women to a war on caterpillars really isn't as strange as it seems considering who we are talking about. The Republican Party is known for off-the-wall analogies (gay marriage will lead to man & dog marriages anyone?).
The problem is, GOP, that you talk a big talk and you are trying to beat women back into a 1950s ideal of women and their rights, but will not own up to it. As Rachel said, you earned it you did everything in your power to make it happen, so why won't you embrace it?

Oh...what's that you say? You are losing all of the women voters? So now you don't want to talk about all of the measures you've been putting in place to limit us and make us second class citizens?

Grow up. You are adults, seriously, do I really need to point this out? I am a woman, and I will not have a group of misogynistic old men try to govern my body. It is not a piece of land for you to conquer.

Then there is the method of deflection. Not only do they blame the "fake war on women" on others (because they did absolutely nothing to make women feel that way) they also try and assert that women do not care about these issues. They try to cover up gender warfare with half-hearted attempts at pretending they see women as people. They talk about how women care about jobs and the economy (you mean we have brains!?) but say that we do not care about the issue of contraception.

So blaming others, war on women, deflection tactics, undermining women by pretending that we don't care about you setting us back 60 years with regards to our rights, and shaming. Let's not forget the shaming. I am not just talking Rush Limbaugh and his language for women on birth control (wish his mother would have used some), but all of the filth coming out of GOP members with regards to women.

How about Tucker Max and his response to Planned Parenthood's refusal of his attempt at a donation. I wonder what could have made them refuse to take his money? Could it be his very vocal opinions about how he does not support PP. He all but stated that the donation was a tax fluke. Also, his very mature response further proved that PP made the right decision (he very quickly took this post down, but not before someone got a screen shot).

I really am so baffled by the whole situation, but I want to hear from others! What do you think about the war on women? Does it exist? Why won't the GOP own up to their actions? What are you going to do about it?

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